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Unveiling the Flow Wizardry: A Plural Twist to Dataverse Lookup Columns

Picture this: a time not so long ago when setting up a Dataverse lookup column as part of a Cloud Flow action required a mental gymnastics routine that rivaled Cirque du Soleil. 🎪 You know what I’m talking about, right? The ritual of syntax searching, the table logical name treasure hunt, the error-experiment loop, and oh, the half-hour troubleshooting sessions that made you question the very fabric of logic itself! Well, hold onto your keyboards, because those days of yore are fading faster than last decade’s viral memes.

How it Used to Go

Cue the familiar inner monologue, “What’s that syntax again? 🤔 … Ah, yes! ‘/table_logical_name(row_ID)’. Alright, time to summon the mystical table logical name!”

>>> Back to the Maker Portal you go.

>>> Table spotting mission engaged.

>>> Logical name captured through the ancient copy-paste ritual.

>>> Logical name summoned into Power Automate.

>>> Test run initiated.

>>> Error message arrives fashionably late, crashing the party, blaming the logical name.

>>> Embarks on an odyssey of troubleshooting, only to realize later that it’s the plural version that’s the cool kid in town. 🤦‍♀️

Enter the Heroic Solution

But fret not, my fellow tech sorcerers, for the dawn of a new era is upon us! Picture this: a method so easy, so streamlined, you’d think it was coded by celestial beings on an efficiency spree.
🚀 Drumroll, please!
Enter the Power Automate Experimental Features, your trusty sidekick in the grand adventure of automation.

With these features gracing your virtual toolbox, the Cloud Flow path transforms into a rainbow-studded freeway. The action UI gets a makeover, revealing secret treasures previously hidden behind the curtain. Behold the “Table” dropdown! 🎉 It does more than just flaunt table names; it flaunts the logical plural names too! Eureka! No more scavenger hunts in the murky depths of solution explorers or the labyrinthine Maker Portal. Your logical plural nemesis is now front and center, ready to dance in your Cloud Flow symphony.

Screenshot showing the table drop down including the logical name.

Sure, the universe didn’t deem copy-pasting a gift in this scenario, but hey, a bit of typing is a small price to pay for this tech-powered epiphany. Farewell, Maker Portal trudges and logical name conundrums – Power Automate has your back!

A Leap into Enhanced Productivity

This nifty revelation didn’t just spice up my Cloud Flow Dev game; it turbo-charged it! And guess what? I’m paying it forward. Your Cloud Flow choreography is about to hit legendary status. 🌟 So, consider this my virtual high-five, my fellow automation aficionado. May your Cloud Flows be logical and your days be glitch-free.

Final Notes and Wisdom

Need to enable Experimental Features? Just make your way to, give that gear icon in the upper right corner a satisfying click, select “View all Power Automate Settings,” and unveil the magic by switching the Experimental Features toggle to “On.” Don’t forget to seal the deal with a triumphant “Save.”

Screenshot showing the steps to enable experimental features in Power Automate

Questions, ideas, or comments? I’m all ears! Reach out and let’s keep the tech banter flowing. 🤖💬